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Nencetti was founded in 1969 in Val di Chiana by the Nencetti family, virtuosos in the art of woodworking. The company is now led by the founders’ sons, Massimo, Nico and Roberto and manufactures display systems, panels and semi-finished products for the furniture industry. For over forty years, versatility, precision and care with details have made Nencetti a great company, paying close attention to clients’ requirements and the increasing need to come up with ideas that are always new, practical and effective.

Through the years, Nencetti’s sensitivity and planning flexibility have enabled it to handle work in a wide range of trade sectors, making the company adaptable and able to meet clients’ highly varied needs. Particularly well-known for its design and manufacture of display systems, Nencetti also manufactures panelling and semi-finished products for the furniture industry and pre-finished products for furnishing accessories and ornaments.